Gonzalez Gonzalez, Messi: “Do not step or one!”

the talk held in la liga on saturday for Espanyol-Barcelona derby referee Jose Luis Gonzalez Gonzalez and ’10’ Leo Messi Barca. At one point, the Castilian-Leonese referee warned Messi with a threat: “There is not a step you”. In turn, Messi said Gonzalez Gonzalez “is now like the otrro day right? Like the other day. “

A lack of clarification, there are two hypotheses to explain the criticism of Messi,Gonzalez Gonzalez. The controversial referee had started perhaps just three days before Real Madrid-Real Sociedad where, without going into details, he gave two nonexistent in favor of the white team and two clear penalties and obvious that maximum penaas.

They are benefiting the San Sebastian club. The other explanation to comment Messi perhaps go for arbitration,among other things, he pointed out a penalty from Dani Alves to Etxeita more than doubtful.

qqThe result in general was fair based on what both teams created, although I thought we had a lot of chances,” said Barca boss Luis Enrique.

Espanyol committed 22 fouls despite a lenient approach from referee Jose Luis Gonzalez, but Luis Enrique refused to blame the officials for a stuttering start to the new year.

“Football is a contact sport,” he added.